Mosswoodland Nature Awareness Programs provide participants with an opportunity to explore the great outdoors and the natural sciences through courses taught by experts, hands-on workshops, visits to unique locations, in-field lectures and guided treks. Our programs bring like minded people together for a shared learning experience in incredible locations around the world. We enjoy making new friends, new memories, and gaining knowledge about the wild world we inhabit, and look forward to having you join the adventure!

We welcome people from all backgrounds to join us on our journeys. As always, we would be happy to help assist interested participants in planning their arrivals and departures, and can recommend additional inspiring places to visit while you're in the area. An informational registration pack will be sent to participants after confirming your place on the program.

Mosswoodland Nature Awareness Program:
6 day / 5 night adventure • August 15 - 20th, 2018
£1140 GBP



6 days / 5 night ADVENTURE including lodging, meals and transporTation from Reykjavik, Iceland

Join us on our newest Nature Awareness program in Iceland: a land of short summers, fragile plant life, ever-shifting geology, and hardy people. Life here has flourished because of it’s creativity, practicality, and tenacity. It’s a place where texture and landscape mimic each-other on both a macro and a micro scale. A place of legend where the incredible features of the environment gave birth to epic lore and legend.

Traverse the dramatic Icelandic coast with naturalist, Matt Moss, on a 6 day / 5 night educational expedition through Iceland’s breathtaking western region. The Snæfellsnes Peninsula is a microcosm of Iceland in one exceptionally diverse region. It is host to Iceland’s most unique plants, charismatic bird species, awe-inspiring glaciers, ancient archeological remains and evidence of the area's cultural history, including; the links between how present-day methods of fishing and farming have been shaped by centuries of adaptation to this challenging environment. This outdoor adventure invites participants to explore these incredible facets of a world just beneath the Arctic Circle.

During the program, participants will discover the unique climate, plants, and wildlife that have informed the Icelandic way of life for centuries. This will be achieved through a series of dramatic hikes, in-field exercises, lessons in species identification, natural and social history, hands-on workshops, and visits to some of the most incredible areas on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Day trips include visits to Snæfellsjökull National Park's breathtaking trails with views of the glacier, a hike along the Lóndrangar basalt cliffs, treks through the towering sea stacks of the peninsula’s tumultuous coastline, and inland where trails pass through Iceland’s unique moss and lichen covered lava fields.

Our six-day / five-night all-inclusive journey will challenge participants to explore the outdoors, expand knowledge of the natural world and gain a greater understanding of Icelands rugged landscape. This is an EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM IN WILD NATURE! So get ready to pack your hiking boots, camera and on-the-go notebook and meet us for this outdoor adventure.


  • Learn the importance of local wildlife conservation and how protecting Iceland's natural habitats are an important part of island life.
  • Incredible daily hikes including hidden trails amongst the unique terrain of Snæfellsjökull National Park.
  • Explore the basalt rock coastline of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula and learn how to identify many of the islands bird species including razorbill, kittiwake and Atlantic puffin via an in-field lesson regarding the nesting birds of Iceland.
  • A field identification workshop in local plant and lichen identification.
  • Explore the uses and properties of medicinal plant and lichen species in an ethnobotany microclass.
  • Bathe in the healing iron rich mineral water of Lýsuhólslaug hot pool.
  • Enjoy a guided visit to Gufuskálar and learn about culturally historic sites that have shaped Iceland's landscape history.
  • Embrace traditions by learning to prepare and cook Icelandic dishes using locally-sourced ingredients.
  • Relax in comfortable accommodation with mountain and ocean views.

We hope you can join us for the Summer 2018 adventure! 
For more information or questions, please contact Matt Moss at




Before the Journey:
Before the Journey: Upon registration, all participants will be provided with a welcome email, payment information, contact paperwork, and how to prepare for the journey.  We will be happy to help with any additional assistance needed to prepare for the trip and will reach out to each individual upon sign-up.

DAY 1:
We will rendezvous with everyone in Iceland's capital city of Reykjavík and set off on our adventure! For this trip, we recommend everyone fly into Keflavík airport and take the airport shuttle to Reykjavík to meet up with us. From here we will travel on our private bus to our home for the trip. Upon arrival at the house we will settle in with a bit of lunch and then take a short afternoon class in bird identification, focusing upon species found in Iceland.  After class, we will traverse the basalt cliffed coastline -- part of the Snæfellsnes National Park, and learn about the varied bird species including the near threatened razorbill and Atlantic puffin. In the evening, we’ll settle down to a family-style meal at our home base and enjoy a relaxing evening in.

DAY 2:
We'll start the day off with a home cooked breakfast, pack our lunches and head to the Snæfellsjökull National Park where we will take a half day hike to Bárðarkista, one of the landscape’s peculiar mountain features, where the local landscape is varied and we’ll get a glimpse at several unique types of terrain including moorland, moss-covered hills and towering crags. As we travel, we will discuss the importance of wildlife conservation and how protecting Iceland's natural habitats are an important part of Island life. At the end of our journey, we will look out over the stunning coastal views under the shadow of the Snæfellsjökull glacier.

On our journey back home for the evening, we’ll make a special stop near Ólafsvík to make cup of tea at the base of the Kerlingarfoss and Svöðufoss waterfalls. In the evening we will head back to the house where we will share in cooking a traditional Icelandic meal of roast lamb and vegetables and we’ll discuss the of relationship between Icelandic cuisine and the surrounding environment.

DAY 3:
Our morning breakfast will be followed by an indoor class in plant identification, where we will be introduced to several of iceland's rare native plants including including wood millet, herb- paris, and bilberry. We will delve into their hidden properties and their ecological significance. Following our class, we will take off into the field where we will test our new found skills and knowledge of plant identification, and search for several wild edibles that are only available at this time of year.

We’ll enjoy lunch near Kirkjufellsfoss, a mulit-tiered waterfall under the shadow of the Kirkjufell mountain. We’ll relax a bit before heading to Bjarnarhöfn for a guided tour of the local Shark Museum and a lecture on the process of producing Kæstur hákarl, the infamous ‘fermented Greenland shark'. Brave participants may try tasting this Icelandic delicacy -- an experience we will not forget in a hurry. On the route back to the house we will stop for a short walk along the Road of the Berserkers, a moss covered lava field steeped in folklore and historic relics dating from the 1600s.

DAY 4:
After a hearty breakfast we will take off again for a second visit to Snaefellsnes National Park where we will encounter potholes, lava channels, dramatic waterfalls and towering basalt cliffs during several high peak treks.

After a day of exploring, we’ll stop to bathe in the carbonated mineral filled pool Lýsuhólslaug, where the iron rich water is known to have soothing and healing benefits on the body. After our refreshing soak we will head home to cook a traditional Icelandic fish dinner using local ingredients, and relax with board games and good company through the evening.

DAY 5:
We’ll start the morning with a breakfast lecture on the study and identification of lichens in order to prime us for our day-trip in the field. We will be introduced to several of Iceland's lichen species and explore the traditional uses of several lichens including Icelandic moss. Following our class we will will embark on a field identification trip where we will use our knowledge to forage for specific lichens with medicinal properties, which will be used in the evening to make a tasty tea.

After lunch we will visit Hellissandur, a small fishing village that thrived in the 1700’s. The Fisherman’s Park and Maritime Museum hosts turf-roofed fishermans’ huts and information regarding Iceland's historic fishing history. From here, we will take a short drive to Fiskbyrgi, the 500-700 year old ago stockfish drying structures, famous for being the oldest relics of the fishing industry to be found in Nordic countries. Here, we’ll get a glimpse into the area's cultural history and how food production was an integral part of life to the early Icelandic settlers.

DAY 6:
We’ll share our final breakfast together and we will head back to the city of Reykjavík for a farewell coffee. After our goodbyes, participants are welcome to spend time in the city, check out the nearby museums. We would be happy to offer recommendations for anyone who would like to continue their journey after the program!



The Mosswoodland Nature Awareness Programs mix education with adventure. They allow our participants to immerse themselves in the space around them by providing a relaxed and friendly guided learning experience. Our programs focus on providing educational information regarding the natural world, discussion forums regarding ecology and conservation, and guided exploration of natural landscapes through team building exercises and workshops.
Mosswoodland Programs are perfect for people looking to connect with other like minded individuals over a unique and intimate experience. Our mission is to give participants the opportunity to expand knowledge and share ideas whilst providing a platform for self discovery. For more information about other Mosswoodland programs, send us an email to

The base price of $1500 USD / £1140 GBP for this 6 day / 5 night trip includes lodging, family-style meals, programming, and transportation to-and-from our Iceland rendezvous point in Reykjavik. The cost of the program does not include airfare and is the responsibility of the guest. We recommend purchasing travel insurance to protect your investment. Our team will do our best to accommodate food allergies / preferences wherever possible. There are some days where we'll have a few hours to explore, and participants can opt in to visit museums, shops, or other local attractions if they choose at their own expense.  All excursions and workshops listed above are included in the program as part of the adventure. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out:


Our international programs are for individuals looking for an intimate, friendly atmosphere. We share a home together during our stay where we enjoy round-table discussions and time bonding over classes and activities in a shared space. We offer dormitory-style sleeping accommodations. We have an assortment of sleeping options, and couples are encouraged to apply together in order for us to assign the most comfortable sleeping arrangements for all. Our trips are planned with budget in mind and we do our best to keep the cost down by choosing spaces & places that allow us to share resources on our journey.

This is a moderate-to-high activity level trip that includes a lot of outdoor hiking on rocky trails. Participants should be ready to explore on foot and to spend a reasonable amount of time outdoors. The average Iceland temperature between May to September are 10-12°C (50-55°F) and occasionally reaching 20°C (68°F). We expect all types of weather, and will provide a packing list to participants in advance of the trip.

Flights are not included in the price of this program as people may be joining us from international countries far and wide! We encourage people to look into Keflavik International Airport early. Anyone wishing to spend more time in the area may also request information on other inspiring things to see while you're visiting, or recommendations on how to extend your trip!


Positions are first-come, first-served. Please feel free to fill out the application form noting your details about which trip(s) you'd like to join, and upon receiving your application, we will contact you within a day or so to confirm your spot.

** Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE, so please feel free to ask any questions you may have and we will gladly help!

We will be offering a limited number of tickets for this trip and the program will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Payments are due upon registration, and a registration email will be sent upon review of each application to confirm one's position. 
We do offer a three-part payment plan option, where participants pay 50% of the total price to reserve their place. This reservation is non-refundable. The remainder of the program cost must be paid in full within two months of acceptance and we will send a payment schedule to registered applicants on the 15th or 1st of each month. Once all participants have registered (we usually sell out fairly quickly after the application launch) we will send a welcome email and pack for everyone to begin planning their journey to Iceland and would be happy to help coordinate arrivals!

**The Mosswoodland Itinerary may be subject to adjustments based on weather or other circumstances.

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to contact us at or check out our travel FAQ page here!

*Photos taken by Tanner Johnson and Matt Moss, at locations that all appear on this Mosswoodland Program.